If you’re looking for good yet affordable beauty blenders, these are a pretty good choice. I initially saw the Dream Doll Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Set on Takealot, but since testing them out and writing my review, they have been taken down and can only be found on dreamdoll.o.za

Who is Dream Doll Cosmetics?

They are a local (South African) beauty brand that sell makeup and various tools like these beauty blenders. They’re pretty affordable and so far with the sponges they seem to have good products.

Testing the Dream Doll Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Box Set


I’m happy to report that the Dream Doll Cosmetics beauty sponges did increase in size when I wet it. 

The sponge is also very soft when I used it on my skin.

Dream Doll Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Box Set size


I’m also happy to say that the sponge didn’t soak up my foundation as much as others I have tried in the past.

It really blended my foundation well into my skin, without leaving marks or patterns. See below.


Guys, this has got to be the worst condition my packages have ever been in… It looks like this set was in a wrestling match from the supplier all the way to me. And it’s not just that, but how it was sealed as well. I give this a 0/10 because this looked like a rushed job compared to how it looks on the website… 

It even looked like my package was either opened by someone or it went through such a rough transport that it opened on its own…

Dream Doll Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Box Set-side
Dream Doll Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Box Set top
This is before I even opened it...
It's dented everywhere and even torn in some places...
Dream Doll Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Box Set back

The Verdict

Although their packaging is atrocious, I really liked the beauty sponges. 

I also think they were afforable since most places asked an expensive price for only one sponge and these were three large sponges for R180. 

Where to Buy

Like I said, I bought this on Takealot but when I went back to find the link, the page was gone. I’m thinking it’s sold out or they don’t sell it there anymore.

  • At Dream Doll Cosmetics for R180.00 – shop now
What did you think of this beauty sponge review? Have you tried them yet? What are your thoughts?

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