Recently I looked around for a new mascara as my current one was starting to become dry and I saw this mascara online and decided to buy it. This is the Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Curl Mascara that will allegedly add volume and lift your lashes.

Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Curl Mascara - Lash Lifting

With Mascara
Without Mascara

First off, the above photos together makes me look like an ogre LOL

How it Looks

The mascara has a large, curved brush to help add volume to your lashes.

The Verdict

The mascara is great! It gave me some volume and it didn’t feel clumpy when applied.Β  I didn’t make use of am eyelash curler so the mascara really makes a big different with or without the curler.
  • Not clumpy
  • 1 Layer is enough
  • Lengthens eyelashes

Where Can I Buy It?

Clicks for R52.95 – shop now

What do you think of this Essence Mascara review? Have you tried using this mascara? Share your thoughts below!

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