Guys, I’ve waited so long for this advent calendar from Essence to go on special so I can get it for myself! I was so happy when I saw it was on sale on Takealot!

It’s my first time buying a makeup advent calendar and it is awesome! I’m glad my first ever one had great products because I saw a few reviews (not necessarily just for Essence) where people said they got duplicates or it was just nail polish or something the whole time.

Okay, enough of that, let me show you what goodies I received in the Essence Ho Ho Home for X-mas Advent Calendar 2020! πŸŽ…

The Calendar

The calendar is so CUTE and with every number you open, there’s a cute little message there (related to the specific item within) like “gloss like a boss” with my lip gloss item. Really such a nice touch!

Essence Ho Ho Home for X-mas Advent Calendar 2020

1. Essence Mini Matt Fixing Powder

I have the bigger powder and it is SUCH an amazing product, especially if you have oily skin and want your foundation to not look too oily. I love the little gingerbread man.Β 

Also, for some reason, I am suddenly super obsessed with things that have Christmassy drawings or colours?? LOVE IT!

Essence Mini Matt Fixing Powder

2. Essence Mini Lipsticks

Although this isn’t really a great time for lip products (rona…πŸ˜ͺ), these mini lipsticks are so cute! They’re in the colours 01 Feel The Magic! (almost like a mauve) and 02 Spread The Love! (almost like a dark berry colour).Β 

These lipsticks are so soft!

3. Essence Mini Eyebrow Tweezer

Message: Shape it 'till you make it.

At first, I was so mad because I thought there wasn’t an item in number 3 but then I saw it just moved over to another number πŸ˜… It’s such a cute mini tweezer with two penguins on!

Essence Mini Eyebrow Tweezer

4. Essence Christmas Nail Stickers

These are the cutest little stickers for your nails! I’ll definitely use them next Christmas! I really love the gingerbread man theme with this calendar.

Essence Christmas Nail Stickers

5. 8 Gingerbread Gift Tags

Will also be using these cute gingerbread gift tags next xmas!

Gingerbread Gift Tags

6. Essence Eyeshadow Brush

LOVE this candy cane looking eyeshadow brush! I’m hoping to get more Christmas themed makeup brushes this year as it’s become a favourite for me.

Essence Eyeshadow Brush

7. Essence Kajal Pencil

This eye pencil is amazing! It’s in the colour 01 Black and it applies so smoothly! I haven’t used a black eye pencil in a while but excited to give this one a try.

Essence Kajal Pencil

8. Essence Nourishing Hand Cream

I was super excited about this hand cream because it has the cutest packaging but the scent (white tea and ginko) wasn’t as amazing. It was a let down because I was hoping for a sweet smell that makes me think of Christmas. But this definitely makes my hands soft.

Essence Nourishing Hand Cream

9. Essence Mini Metallic Nail Polish

This nail polish has the same cute swan as the hand cream, so cute! Unfortunately, it doesn’t say what colour this is.

10. Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara

This Essence mascara range is the BEST. I have two others and they work beautifully. They really boost the length and volume of my lashes and last the whole day. Super excited to try this one out.Β 

Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara

11. Essence Charm Bracelet

Such a cute charm bracelet! However, it looks a bit small so I might not wear it. It looks like it will fit a child LOL

Essence Charm Bracelet

12. Essence Colour Changing Lip Balm

Another gingerbread man! This lip balm is orange but it leaves a slight pink colour when applied. Very cute and smells lovely!

Essence Colour Changing Lip Balm

13. Essence Face Jewels

I’m not too sure if I want to use these face stickers but I am keen on trying it out with a makeup look.Β  Will think about it!

Essence Face Jewels

14. Essence Glitter Duo Sharpner

This might not be useful for me as I don’t really use pencils a lot but since I have that kajal eye pencil (mentioned above) it might come in handy.

15. Essence Mini High Gloss Top Coat

At first, I didn’t know what the frick this was but it’s actually a topcoat. Not sure if the nail polishes are handy for me as I’m using gel polish recently.

Essence Mini High Gloss Top Coat

16. Essence Eyebrow Styler

To be honest, I don’t really do anything with my eyebrows so this eyebrow styler probably won’t be of any use to me but the packaging is so cute. It’s in a little plastic container that slides open and has a little brush as well.

Essence Eyebrow Styler

17. Essence Hair Ties

I’m not really a fan of the hair ties as it’s not looped so it’s just stretchy material to tie your hair with. It says you can wear it as a bracelet as well but I don’t think I will be doing that. Not a favourite but still looks cute.

Essence Hair Ties

18. Essence Glitter Lip Topper

Message: Gloss like a boss.

This is definitely a favourite. I love glitter and I’ve been struggling to find a gloss for my lips. This is so nice and actually shows up! Not like other glitters that barely leave the container. Looking forward to seeing how this looks.

19. Essence Make-Up Remover Towel

Out of all the items in the calendar, this one is by far my FAVOURITE! It’s so adorable and it’s the softest makeup remover towel I’ve ever come across! I love the candy cane pattern and I cannot wait to test this out!

Essence Make-Up Remover Towel

20. Essence Shiny Mini Nail Polish

Message: When in doubt, choose red.

I love this nail polish becauseΒ  it’s my favourite colour (red) ❀

Essence Shiny Mini Nail Polish

21. Essence One Wish a Day Notebook

Message: Take a sweet escape to your dreams, beauty!

I love this little notebook as I didn’t expect such an item in this makeup calendar but it’s a nice surprise. It has a few blank pages for whatever you want to write and some pages have a Christmas doodle or two as well. And it’s pocket size!

Essence One Wish a Day Notebook

22. Essence Mini Highlighter Stick

Message: There she glows, looking like a star...!

This is a small highlighter but it makes a lovely shine. I have to blend it a bit otherwise it looks like I put lipstick on my cheek but other than that, it’s a pretty colour.Β 

Essence Mini Highlighter Stick

23. Essence Body Jewellery Tattoos

These tattoos are adorable and I love the gold.Β 

24. Essence Mini Highlighter Brush

And last but not least, this starry highlighter brush! It’s so soft and I think it will really apply the highlighter nicely.

Essence Mini Highlighter Brush

I really LOVED the items in this Essence advent calendar and my top three favourite items were the:

  • makeup remover towel
  • starry highlighter brush
  • glitter lipgloss

I cannot wait for this year’s calendar and hopefully, there are a few other brands I could try out!

Let me know if you know of any other makeup (or beauty/fitness) advent calendars I should look out for!

Essence Ho Ho Home for X-mas Advent Calendar 2020 Items

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