It’s officially the end of day 2 of my FitChef Meal Plan, so it’s time for me to share my thoughts on today’s dishes and where my hunger level was at.

If you skipped day 1, here’s the link if you’d like to check if out πŸ™‚


I had Futurelife bran flakes again for breakfast since I cannot really eat too much early in the morning. Usually I get really hungry around 9 am but this morning I only started feeling starved around 11 am.



Today’s lunch meal was: Chicken Tikka with roasted veggies and butternut.

This meal was so YUMMY! The best meal I had so far in the last two days and definitely a favourite! The meal didn’t have too much water so it didn’t make it watery and the butternut and chicken was so creamy. I highly enjoyed this meal so I’m sad to only have two more left for the rest of my three week meal plan πŸ™

Afternoon Snack

Today’s snack was: Chicken Snacker – Basil Pesto

I much rather prefer this chicken snack than the salted one from yesterday. Again I just added a small amount of mayo as it is a bit dry.

These chicken snacks keep me full until dinner time so I think they’re pretty great!



Today’s dinner was: Grilled Fillet Steak with roast baby potatoes and julienne veggies.

I’m going to be honest, this was AWFUL. It was SUPER watery, especially the potatoes! Have a look at the video below:

This made me a bit nauseous but I tried to squeeze out the water and quickly ate the potatoes just so that I didn’t waste it.

The steak was a bit dry. I see there was a bit of coconut oil on top of it but it didn’t really help too much.

I absolutely despise green beans and it’s been in almost every meal. I skipped the green beans in this meal altogether. Luckily I only have two more left of this dish to get over with.


So far the meals are OK but I get really hungry around 3pm/4pm after I had lunch around 1 pm. This is normal as far as I know.

Dinner usually only keeps me satisfied for an hour and then I have to keep myself busy the rest of the night so that I don’t go raid the fridge. If I really get hungry I try to drink tea, eat yogurt or an apple. It seems to help a bit.

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