It’s officially the end of day 3 of my FitChef Meal Plan! I think today went better than day 1 and day 2!


I had Futurelife again for breakfast as I do every other day so there’s not much to say about that πŸ™‚



Today’s lunch meal was: Grilled Fillet Steak with roast baby potatoes and julienne veggies.

Okay, so I had this for dinner yesterday (and it went super badly) but today’s one was totally different. Now I don’t know if yesterday was just a dud or if it is because I tried something different but I honestly enjoyed the one from today.

Let me explain what I did differently. Yesterday I just popped the container as is into the microwave and heated it for about 3 minutes. However, today I removed the food in the container and rather placed it in a Pyrex dish then warmed it for about 3 minutes. After it was warmed, I tried to drain as much of the water as I could before placing my food on a plate. Below is what I used:

Pyrex Classic Round Casserole Dish with Lid Pyrex
Pyrex Classic Round Casserole Dish with Lid Pyrex by Faithuful to Nature

The potatoes were not soggy like yesterday and actually tasted great. There was a bit more coconut oil on the meat, although I’m starting to notice that I don’t like the taste it leaves on the meat.

The veggies were also pretty great and not watery.

Afternoon Snack

Already open chicken

Today’s snack was: Chicken Snacker – Lightly salted

Today I had the lightly salted chicken again, however, when I took it out of the fridge, I see it was open a bit. Not sure if it opened by itself or if it was like that when I got it. But no biggie. I’m not much of a fan of today’s snack, the taste wasn’t my favourite.

Also, my mayo looks somewhat like a fat heart LOL



Today’s dinner was: Boerie & Crispy Bacon Bits with a duo of butternut and bacon mash.

Unfortunately, nothing crispy was involved, but other than that it was actually a good tasting meal. The “sauce” on the boerewors looked disgusting but was actually quite lovely (although there wasn’t much).

The bacon mash was SUPER yummy. It was actually my first time eating something like that and I think it’s going to become a favourite for me πŸ˜›


Today’s meals were good and around 3 pm I wasn’t as hungry as I usually am (think I ate the chicken out of habit). My favourite was the bacon mash.

I also used a Pyrex dish to warm my dinner and it seems to really help with the water issue. I think I’ll do this for all my dishes.

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