I finished day 9 of my FitChef meal plan and below is my review! 

If you haven’t already seen it, here is day 8’s review.


Another day, another Futurelife breakfast.


Fitchef Tikka Chicken Day 9 Frozen
Fitchef Tikka Chicken Day 9

Today’s lunch meal was: Chicken Tikka with roasted veggies and butternut.

This meal stays amazing. I will definitely try to make this myself after the meal plan is done. This is one of the only meals that isn’t watery and it’s super creamy. 

Here’s the dish.

Afternoon Snack

I skipped today’s snack as I wasn’t really that hungry, however, I think I should eat it anyway because I get super hungry later then I crave a snacks.


FitChef Boerie Beef Burger Day 9 Frozen
FitChef Boerie Beef Burger Day 9

Today’s dinner was: Boerie and Beef Burger with stir-fry vegetables.

This isn’t a favourite for me.  I don’t enjoy the “sour” taste of the burger relish and the meat is also very “mushy”, not sure if it’s how the meat should be or if it’s because it was frozen? 

However, I do enjoy the stir-fry and I’ve begun to really enjoy the sugar snap peas.


Overall the day’s dishes were okay, lunch was great but I had to force myself through the dinner dish. I can’t stop craving snacks for the last few days as it’s super hard. I just try to drink more and more water. Hopefully I will start to become used to rather taking a sip of water than reaching for sweets or something else. 

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