Hey guys,

With the recent lockdown in South Africa, I thought it would be the perfect time to help you declutter your make-up and other beauty products you have piled on your shelves or in your closet.

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE “collecting” anything from face masks, samples, or lipsticks in all colours imaginable.Β 

Well, let me help you (and maybe me) to declutter and get rid of some of those products.

1. Stop Hoarding Free Samples

I know I am one of those people who HOARDS most of the free samples I receive (if I don’t give it to my mom).Β 

Places I usually receive samples from are:

  • Faithful to Nature. When I ordered products from them online, they sometimes send some samples.
  • Sometimes when I buy something on promotion, I’ll receive a little perfume or lipstick.
  • I also receive loads of samples when taking part of fitness events like Muddy Princess or an event at Canal Walk.

The best way to declutter is by looking at those samples you probably have in a box, and trying to figure out if you actually need them.

You can:

  • Try it out after having it for so long.
  • Give it to a family member or friend.
  • Throw them out. Chances are they are well beyond their expiry date πŸ™„ or they won’t work for your skin type.

2. Check the Expiry Date

Most products should have an expiry date somewhere on the packaging, unfortunately, a lot don’t have a date. That’s when it’s up to you to try and think back how long ago you first bought the product.Β 

Luckily, most products have a recommended shelf life. To avoid getting a chemical burn or getting an infection from germs (especially on that old mascara wand), throw out products that have gone way past their expiration date.

3. Be Honest

Maybe you have hundreds of eye shadow palettes that looked oh so great and you just had to have it, but never really use, maybe even not at all.Β 

If you don’t use the product or feel it doesn’t look right, rather throw it out.

You can make it a fun date with a friend by grouping all your products together and testing out what looks great on you and what doesn’t compliment your face/body,etc. This way, you can get rid of the products without letting it go to waste.Β 

4. Donate

I know it might feel too wasteful to throw out that perfectly fine eye shadow palette, or that full bottle of foundation, but if it feels like too much, why not donate it?

There are surely a few charities out there who can largely benefit from unsealed beauty products, if they are in good condition.

5. Sell New, Sealed Products Online

Maybe you haven’t opened a certain product or you received a certain Christmas present which you feel you don’t need at all. Try selling your new, unsealed products online.Β 

You’ll most likely not get the same amount back as what you paid, but at least you’ll get a few bucks.

How to Prevent Future Cluttering

To help prevent future cluttering after doing all your hard work of getting rid of clutter, try using up the products you already have.

I know, it can be difficult seeing a new product on the shelf and you just NEED to try it out. Maybe try doing a challenge like not buying new skin care items until you finished x product.

It’s a great way to test out the products you do have before trying new ones.

Hopefully, you can use these tips mentioned above to really organise and declutter your beauty collection. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a new shelf to keep other items!

Happy decluttering!

Lots of love,

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