Hi guys!

I was browsing YouTube the other day and I came across this lady’s channel; Holly Dolke.Β 

I saw she had these short workouts and they looked super fun! I gave her 1 Week Flat Stomach Workout (Intense!) video a try and yes, it was INTENSE!

The Workout

The workout consisted of 7 exercises which you must do for 30 seconds and then repeat.

Set 1: (x2) (30 sec rest between sets)

  1. Single Leg Crunch + Arm Reach Through
  2. Elbow to Knee Straight Leg Crunch

Set 2: (x2) (30 sec rest between sets)

  1. Single Leg Knee Crunch
  2. Moutain Climbers
  3. Wide Plank

Set 3: (x2) (No break between sets)

  1. Straight Leg Crunches
  2. Hover Legs

Day By Day Thoughts

Day 1

HOLY CHEESEBALLS I thought I was dying when I did this for the first time.

During day 1 of the challenge I couldn’t do each move for 30 seconds. I also took a lot of breaks.

Day 2

On day 2 I still struggled a lot and couldn’t do the exercises for 30 seconds.

Day 3

Day 3 was just as difficult as day 2.

Day 4

On day 4 it got a bit easier. I still couldn’t do 30 seconds but I took less breaks.

Day 5

Day 5 was basically the same as day 4.

Day 6

I took even fewer breaks and my neck wasn’t as sore to help keep my head up. I could also plank a little bit longer.

Day 7

I find it funny that on the last day of this ab challenge I could finally reach 30 seconds for each workout.Β 

I was able to keep doing mountain climbers, the plank, and the single leg crunch!

I was also not really in as much pain as on day 1. So I definitely saw progress.

Most Difficult Exercise

The hardest exercise was definitely the single leg crunch. It made my abs and thighs jelly.

My Results

After doing these ab workouts for 1 full week, my stomach actually grew in size LOL. I’m thinking I’m just bloated but I honestly didn’t expect a difference since I feel this workout will only work if you have a lower body fat percentage.

I gained 1.5 cm around my hips but my waist remained the same.

The Verdict

I haven’t really seen much difference in my stomach (except that it got bigger around my hips πŸ™„) and I feel this challenge mostly only works for you if you don’t have a high body fat percentage. Unfortunately, you have to reduce the amount of fat around your stomach in order to really see results from a challenge such as this.

If you have the determination to do this intense workout every day for a week, then I highly recommend it. It was a super fun workout and I love doing these types of challenges.

Just ensure you keep your core strong during these exercises and take it SLOW. It really helps in doing the exercise for the full 30 seconds.Β 

Try it

What do you think of this ab challenge review? Let me know if you tried it!

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