Have you ever wondered why you are on this earth…What your purpose is, is what I actually mean.

I’ve probably spent thousands of hours just thinking about what my reason is for being here. You get lucky souls who have found their calling before they were even 30! Like imagine how insanely amazing that must be. The feeling of actually knowing what your calling is, what you’re good at, why you’re here…

But anyways, enough deep talk for now LOL. I just stared at my screen until I started typing. I’ve lately had millions of thoughts just zooming through my brain. Sometimes it gets overwhelming. (People with my level of anxiety will maybe understand this haha). It gets quite dangerous when you’re left alone with your thoughts for too long.

What do I want to do with my life?

This question is focused on my career. Since I was in high school I’ve been wondering what am I going to do with my life, what will be my job. I personally feel I haven’t found the thing I’m best at. Like some people are just super creative and can just do the most amazing drawings, photos, or whatever else there may be. It’s just perfectly made for them.

Straight out of high school I went to study Web design and web development. At first I thought it was because I loved coding or the idea of it. Now that I’m thinking back I’m not even sure what made me take that as my course. It’s honestly such a blank space. I really loved it when I studied it, but it never really felt like I was good at it. Yeah sure I got good grades but it never really came naturally to me to code. Now I’m doing Digital Marketing…I did an internship for six months before being promoted to Junior Digital Marketer as a permanent employee. It was such an exciting thing to think I’d become a coder and then suddenly doing digital marketing. So far I love it but it also doesn’t feel natural to me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s such an amazing job to have. Yeah, it can get boring but every day I’m doing something new, learning something new. It’s honestly so refreshing not always doing the same thing. I’m also so lucky for having an amazing mentor. He’s been teaching me new things every single day since I started working for him. Every day he challenges me and helps me grow. It’s the best feeling having a senior in the field I’m working in, giving me so much knowledge and teaching me his ways but also giving me my space to start doing my own thing.

So yeah, sorry this isn’t fitness or beauty related but I felt like getting my thoughts out of my head and onto paper…or this post. You know what I mean LOL

So I’ve talked a bit about my thoughts and feelings, what do you think your purpose is in life? Or do you also not have a freaking clue like me? Talk to me, let me know πŸ˜ƒ

Lots of love,

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