I don’t know about you guys but one of my favourite makeup items is an eyeliner! My eyes always look sad and super boring without it!

I know there’s probably a lot of you that are wondering which one is better – the eyeliner pen or the eyeliner mousse? Well, I decided to test both types and here I am sharing my thoughts on each. Hope it helps!

NYX Professional Make-up Epic Black Mousse Liner

NYX Epic Black Mousse Eyeliner Open

I’m very used to using a mousse with a brush to create my wings as my previous one was the same, only this is a different brand.

It was super easy using the mousse and brush to create my wing, and what I love is that you can determine how much product to add to your brush. Then if there wasn’t enough on the brush, you can simply go back and choose how much you want by dipping the brush again. 

The eyeliner mouse didn’t feel as cold as the pen eyeliner from Essence and that made my eyeball very happy!

This is now a new favourite for me as I have never really bought any products from the NYX Professional Make-up brand. So far so good!

How to Use

Simply dip the brush in the eyeliner mousse and apply!


Packaging is simplistic. The mousse comes in a tiny jar (think it’s frosted glass). Unfortunately, the brush wasn’t included when I bought this eyeliner from NYX. I used one I received with the L.A. liner I had to throw out due to it being old.

Where Can I Buy It?

Clicks for R 199.95 – shop now

Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner

In the video it doesn’t look so bad but man was it diffucult using this eyeliner pen!

It’s been so long since I have a used a pen to make my wings, and I’m very impressed with the outcome. 

The Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner was a bit tricky to use as the applicator is a super long, thin thing and when I first opened it, there was a lot of product on it. As I was afraid the wing would become a huge blob, I first started my wing across my eyelid, then last I created the wing. 

It was super cold the first time I started applying the liner. Don’t know if my room was just cold and the eyeliner got cold or what, but was a huge shock to my eyeball.

Other than that, loved using this liner. 

How to Use

Simply twist open the eyeliner’s cap, then apply. I didn’t need to re-dip.

Where Can I Buy It?

Clicks for R 52.95 – shop now
takealot for R49.00 – show now 
Dis-Chem for R49.95 – shop now

The Verdict



  • Doesn’t need to dry
  • Easier to apply
  • More precise application because of the brush
  • When on your eyelid for a while, it starts to melt/smudge and can leave a mark on your lid above the crease
  • Need to dip brush a few times
  • Expensive (NYX brand)


  • Has a very pointy brush that is great for a sharp wing
  • Looks glossy
  • Doesn’t smudge/melt when on the eyelid for a while
  • Didn’t need to dip the brush the whole time
  • Needs to dry before you can open your eye fully
  • The applicator can be difficult for first-time users
  • Was very cold when applied to my eyelid


In the end, I will probably always prefer the eyeliner mousse because it’s always just been easier and less messy for me to apply my eyeliner. Also, that pen eyeliner nearly gave my eye frostbite! Not sure if it was because it just happened to be cold or if it’s always like that… Let me know please!

What do you think of this eyeliner review? Which one do you prefer? Share your thoughts below!

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