Okay, so I was browsing online for some new makeup items I needed like sponges, eyeliners, mascara, etc. and I came across this foundation.

I have never before used a foundation stick so the item fascinated me. I was also looking for a new foundation that wasn’t these thick liquid ones that made my face feel smothered after one layer.Β 

So I purchased the Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation in the colour F2 and I made some notes to tell you guys how it is!

Clicks Pear Makeup Sponges

Before the foundation review, I decided to give a quick review on these sponges.

My Thoughts

  • When I wet the pink sponge, it didn’t change shape or grow at all.
  • It was like using a squishy gumball on my face, and it was uncomfortable.
  • With all its issues though, it seemed to apply my foundation very well and didn’t soak up the product as some blenders usually do.

The Verdict

In conclusion, these make-up sponges at Clicks are a good enough buy, especially since they are more affordable than more expensive other brands. Just keep in mind the notes I made above.

Where to Buy?

Clicks for R59.99 – shop now

Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation in F2

Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation in F2
Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation in F2 open
With the foundation
Without the foundation

My Thoughts

Guys, this foundation shocked me! I am a new fan!

I used the Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick in the colour F2 and it was amazing on my skin. My thoughts:

  • After one swipe of the foundation stick, there was already a lot of cover for my skin. This is great as you don’t need to use a lot to cover marks, etc.
  • It felt like nothing on my skin. I hate when some foundations make my skin feel smothered. This is a great lightweight option.
  • It looks better when applied with a sponge than a brush. I’ll rather use my flat make-up brush for my othe liquid foundations. The sponge ensured it was properly pressed into my skin.
  • No streaks or patchiness! The foundation looked smooth on my skin, even after going for a super close-up in front of my mirror.

The Verdict

This foundation really surprised me, even after just one layer. It has amazing coverage, doesn’t make my skin feel smothered, and doesn’t dry out my skin or leave weird marks.

Where to Buy

Clicks for R 117.95 – shop now

In Conclusion

I highly recommend trying this stick foundation because it really feels and looks good on my skin and give it the coverage it needs without applying too much.

However, I would suggest choosing a different brand of sponges because I chose those as I wasn’t looking for sponges to use but just wanted to see if they were good enough.

What do you think of this makeup sponge and stick foundation review? What is your favourite foundation? Share your thoughts below!

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