So I’ve decided to look for a natural, light foundation/tinted cream since my skin is getting better and I don’t need to cover up as much as usual. I found one at The Body Shop and naturally, I bought other stuff as well 🀣

Fresh Nude Tinted Beauty Balm with Hydrating Aloe Vera

I bought this tinted beauty balm in the colour FAIR 01. Apparently, once you apply it on your face it matches your skin but I didn’t really care or believe it. I applied it and it looked fine. 🀣

At first, when I applied the tinted balm it looked fine, but after a minute or two it looked patchy and it felt slightly sticky. (See below) It looks horrible on my skin and I have to apply a lot.

So I’m not really a fan of this (expensive) beauty balm πŸ˜“

All-in-one 5-Action Perfector Insta Blur

The product below seems to be working okay. It does give me a semi-blur when I apply it, especially on my pores.

The only thing I don’t like about this product is when I squeeze a bit out, it looks semi-dry (it doesn’t sit on your fingers like it should when you squeeze a little on your fingers. It falls off.) I’ve lost a lot of this product because of this.

Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome

This is my second favourite item I purchased. It gives a cute highlight wherever you apply it and it looks amazing in the sun.

The only tip I want to give is to make sure you blend it really well after applying it. It can look streaky when you apply it without blending. I apply this on my cheeks and collarbone.

Lip & Cheek Stain

My favourite item from The Body Shop. I’m one of those people who love a bright lipstick (usually red) but somedays I just want a little pop of colour which doesn’t feel like too much. This lip stain is perfect. It’s in the colour Deep Berry 029.

Just apply a bit on your lips and rub it all over. I use my fingers to make sure it doesn’t go over my lip line, although it makes your fingers red. What I love as well is that it stays on your lips for a while.

Side note: Sometimes it feels like this lip stain dries out my lips but I just add a bit of lip gloss for a shiny look.

Have you ever used The Body Shop’s make-up? If you have, what’s your fave?

Lots of love,

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